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If you develop a website on top of the open source CMS and forum support is all you need, this is for you.

Always be on the latest version, easily apply bug fixes and security updates and get the Form Builder and deployment tools.

If you are a company or organization that just needs a single web server, this is for you.

You will have support directly from the Composite C1 team, bug fix guarantee and access to all non-scale Add-ons.

 If you are running a business critical website, this is for you.

You can scale out and load balance your website, on site or on Windows Azure. Full support. Bug fix guarantee and access all Add-ons.

Full CMS functionality YesYesYes
Create any number of internal staging and development environmentsYesYesYes
Deployment manager YesYesYes
Access to automated upgrades  YesYesYes
Security software updatesYesYesYes
Form BuilderYesYesYes

All Business Plan Add-ons

Unlimited subsites ~YesYes
Bug fix warranty - Product warranty~YesYes
Support ~20 incidents/YearFull support
Load-balancing ~~Yes
Azure elastic / global scale ~~Yes
Price, new installation
Invoiced annually $1068

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Invoiced annually $3180

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Invoiced annually $5760

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Price, upgrade Upgrade pricingUpgrade pricingUpgrade pricing
Full Composite C1 CMS included in all plans. Website hosting not included. Minimum 12-month subscriptions for all plans. All prices are excluding VAT and cover a single live Composite C1 installation. Access to support 9 am – 5 pm CET, Monday-Thursday. 9 am – 4 pm CET, Friday. Composite is not responsible for typographical errors and reserves the right to make changes without notice.Free version: Composite C1 is also available - fully featured, but without the above mentioned benefits - as open source, licensed under Mozilla Public License (MPL 1.1). Install Composite C1 now or get the source code.

Agency Plan - "5-pack". Multiple buy discount

If you are running multiple Composite C1 installations, then the "5-Pack Plan" might be the right choice for you. Besides having everything included in the "Business" or the "Premium" Plan, you will get a 30% discount when subscribing for 5 Plans upfront. The Agency "5-pack" Plan will enable you to run 5 different clients on 5 different installations with multiple sub-sites on each installation. In addition you will get full support and architectural advice direct from the core C1ers.


Agency "5-pack" for "Business" Plan

Agency "5-pack" for "Premium" Plan

Everything already included in the "Business" or the "Premium" Plan, depending on what you choose.YesYes
Get a 30% discount when subscribing for 5 Plans upfront.YesYes
Full support for all installations and architectural advice from the Composite C1 team.YesYes

Invoiced annually $11100
Valid for 12 months


Invoiced annually $20160

Valid for 12 months


Extra tickets for Business Plan


10 tickets, 0-24 hrs guaranteed response time

Notice! You will need to have the Business Plan to purchase support.
Support includes developer or end-user support. If a ticket requires more than one hour of work, an additional ticket is used for each consecutive hour. 0-24 hrs guaranteed response time. The support tickets are only valid for 12 months.
Access: 9 am – 5 pm CET, Monday-Thursday. 9 am - 4 pm CET, Friday. 
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Invoiced annually $900

Valid for 12 months

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  Architectural advice or design is not covered. Access to support from 9 AM to 5 PM CET, Monday - Thursday, Friday 9 AM - 4PM CET.

Upgrade to a Service Plan

If you upgrade your existing Solution based on the Open Source version to one of the Service Plans, you not only get all the benefits of the plan, but you also get access to upgrade support and tooling, ensuring you can upgrade to the latest version. For this upgrade, there is a fee identical to the cost of having the Developer plan since you installed your website. Use the calculator below to get the price.

Need our help to do the actual Upgrade?

Upgrade service


Get support to do your upgrade for a fixed price

We will upgrade your C1 Solution to the latest version and provide you with access to previous upgrades for a one-time payment.