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Synchronize changes from a staging website to a production website on Microsoft Azure (2 instances, 1 data center).
Category: Azure
Start a blog on your website and blog about your corporate or personal life.
Category: Community
Improves the website speed and performance by bundling and modifying its scripts and styles.
Category: Web
Ensure automatic backup of published versions of all pages and other resources on your website. Keep an audit trail of all the changes made to them.
Category: Tools
Embed on a web page Facebook's Like Box that shows likes and posts from your Facebook Page and allows likes right from your website.
Category: Social
Build well-designed, mobile-friendly and accessible web forms by using drag-and-drop in Form Builder.
Category: Forms
Add search to your website by integrating the free edition of Google Custom Search on it.
Category: Search
Display photos from Instagram on your website.
Category: Social
Create and use dynamic CSS by integrating LESS support on your C1 website.
Category: Composite.Web
Direct users to your LinkedIn public profile by adding the LinkedIn profile button to a page on your website.
Category: Composite.Community
Add the Open Graph Protocol meta tags to a page to describe the entity your page represents and provide other information for the Facebook's social ...
Category: Social
Set up an online shop on your website.
Category: Commerce
Allows an administrator to create subsites and associated user groups thus enabling a third party to maintain their own subsites without having perm ...
Category: Tools
Embed videos from one of the most popular video sharing websites - Vimeo.
Category: Media
Quickly and easily add one or more playlists of videos to a web page from the same YouTube account.
Category: Media

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