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New Solution Providers from Argentina and Portugal

In the past couple of months we have welcomed a bunch of talented new Solution Providers from all over the world. All of whom are cranking out awesome Composite C1 websites. This month two new Solution Providers joined us. Smedia from Argentina and Alencastre.net from Portugal.

Strong agencies

Smedia is based in Buenos Aires and have operations in countries such as Brazil, Spain, United States, England, France and many more.

The digital agency covers all aspects of digital marketing including Web & Mobile App, eCommerce, Social Media end eLearning, and their client list includes the likes of Nike and Coca Cola.

Alencastre.net from Portugal has a HQ in the capital Lisbon and offices in three other major cities. They have over a 10 years' experience making website for international customers
from all over the world. Even Denmark.

Become a solution provider

Many official Composite C1 Solution Providers make up a strong network of competent agencies around the world standing by to help clients build their next website.

Your agency can become a Solution Provider as well. It's free and means your agency will be featured on our website making it easier for potential clients to locate you.

Published 2012.12.15

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