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Use Composite C1 for your Windows 8 App

Microsoft's new OS Windows 8 comes packed with a cool new Metro UI and a store where developers can share and sell apps for Windows 8.

Being a CMS based on Microsoft technology we of course wanted to play around with apps and Composite C1, so we partnered up with Microsoft and built two new apps for Windows.

The first one was a simple app that shows users the latest blog post from Composite C1. For the second app we made an interactive magazine to the Danish design company "The Republic of Fritz Hansen". A website created by the Solution Providers, Copenhagen Cloud www.cphcloud.dk


The app showcases many beautiful furnitures by Fritz Hansen in a searchable magazine based on the same design as their website.

The contents of the app is controlled directly from Composite C1, so whenever the editors edit or submit new content to the app, all they have to do is open up Composite C1 and browse to the page they want to work with. The app works like a charm and can be downloaded for free in the Windows Store.

This was only a proof of concept so we won't be going into the app business any time soon, but we might develop an Add-on for Composite C1 that makes it even easier to manage a Windows 8 app.

Published 2012.11.29

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