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Here are a few of the sites we have come across. It's difficult to keep up with the many sites build everyday, so please send us your awesome work so we can share it for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Visit also the reference section.


The Fortune 500 Company Lowe chooses C1 for promoting their NASCAR team.

Composite C1 makes it easy to integrate with social media and online services such as YouTube and Flickr with numerous 'easy to install and use' Add-ons. Therefore Composite C1 is a good fit for corporations and organisations looking to interact with customers and/or fans on their website. Check out the site which also consists of a blog and a store. 

The Lowe Racing Team is the most winning NASCAR team!

Most winning Nascar team


Website and shop for the Swedish Team Sportia

Team Sportia is one of the leading players on the market, with 126 sport stores and nearly EUR 265 million in sales.

The solution is built by the Swedish Agency, Welcom .


Corporate website for the danish pension company, AP Pension.

AP Pension has occupational pension as its core business, but also provides pension and insurance solutions to private individuals. Established in 1919.   

The solution is built by the digital magicians from Adnuvo. Responsive of course! 

AP Pension build by Adnuvo


Website for the association of the world's airports

Airports Council International is the association of the world's airports. It has 573 members operating 1751 airports in 174 countries and territories around the world. 


Website for one of the world's leading seafood producers, Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland is one of the world's leading seafood producers. Royal Greenland supplies a broad range of seafood products which meets the needs of the modern consumer. 

Built by the Certified C1 Solution Provider

Royal Greenland build by

Published 2012.12.20

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