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Critics' Choice Award Winner
- Best Free .NET CMS

January 21, 2015.

"This year was a tough one when it came to selecting the best of the best in this category but after some tough decision making, the judges came to the decision that the CMS most deserving of this award this year is Composite C1".

If you need a professional, but budget friendly website, that scales out in the cloud and integrates with the Microsoft suite, then Composite C1 is for you.

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Get a glimpse of the Composite C1 Version 5 console on a desktop.
Composite C1 adapts to your system's look and feel depending on the platform you are using.

And here is how the Composite C1 Version 5 console looks on a tablet. 


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»With Composite C1 I can add and edit content without worrying about breaking our design guidelines, but maybe best of all, I can publish content to both website and App at the same time, making maintenance very easy«.

Anne-Mette Krøyer, Web Editor, Republic of Fritz Hansen.

»Building our webshop on C1 using MVC has been a great experience. Because of the extensibility of C1, we think it is a great platform for any .NET-based web application. Having a solid CMS as a foundation means a lot of added value for our customer«.

Mikkel Skovby, Senior Developer at Compusytems

»C1 is for me the best .Net CMS on the market because it is built on the latest Microsoft technologies with a strong focus on software quality, is clean structured, has built-in packages for the most common requirements and a very comprehensive documentation, is ready for windows azure and the best of all: it's open source :-)«.

Thorsten Hoffmann, Cologne Cloud Company, Germany

"For Novices and Experts. If you give it a try, you'll get a full-fledged content management system with a robust architecture and good user experience"

By Webmasterformat

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In short we are a bunch of passionate people. Who love the web. Going to work everyday with the goal of creating fantastic Content Management Software.

We strive to deliver quality in software and tooling for users and developers. We believe in open standards, unobstructive frameworks and the power of skilled humans, be it developers, designers or users.

Like our CMS, we try to provide a work environment that is supportive, open and facilitates the creation of great work.