Need a website and already invested in the Microsoft suite?

Composite C1 is one of the best rated Open Source CMS worldwide and have already installations in more than 100 countries. If you need a professional, but budget friendly website, that scales out in the cloud and integrates beautiful with the Microsoft suite, then this is for you.

Why Composite C1?

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Responsive. Cloud powered ... and good looking! What's not to love.

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Composite C1 won the 2014 Critics' Choice CMS Award as the Best Free .NET CMS

This year was a tough one when it came to selecting the best of the best in this category but after some tough decision making, the judges came to the decision that the CMS most deserving of this award this year is Composite C1

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Focus on your content

  • Maintain your company websites without IT involvement
  • Make your website stand out with the SEO assistant
  • Easy multiplatform publishing - mobile and tablets
  • Fully supported and users in 160 countries
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"More than 1000 installs every month"

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National Geographic runs global campaign on C1

National Geographic's & the C1'ers from RAMPIT, Nashwille, marries the best of design, content and functionality with the launch of their new responsive website.
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Web Designers & Developers rule!

  • Get a head start with starter sites, packages, documentation and samples
  • Enjoy superb html, css, xslt and script control, open to your favorite tools
  • Use ASP.NET Razor, Web Forms, Web API and MVC
  • A super developer friendly and LINQ based data layer included
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What made Eric Porter go Wow?

»Wow, another Open Source CMS adds support for aspnet razor in a really cool way!« Eric Porter, ASP.NET Team PM
Composite C1 let you combine ASP.NET Razor, end-user UI and data in a seamless way.
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Skins from Twitter Bootstrap

Get a head start on your next design with the cool Twitter Bootstrap templates. The templates are easy to install and use, just use this simple guide our developers put together for you.
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Need a CMS that cover more ground?

  • Budget friendly open source with all the professional trimmings
  • Empower all the Web Designers and .NET Developers in your organization
  • A management UI your customers will buy into
  • A flexible platform that integrate, perform and scale - also on Windows Azure
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Work smarter and faster

»The many packages and starter sites makes it possible for us to design, build and deliver great looking websites faster than ever before«.Björn Wikström, CTO, Welcom
Welcom has among other built site and shop for Team Sportia one of the leading players on the Swedish market, with 126 sport stores.

45000 installations in 150 countries

From Australia to USA. With more than 45000 installs and counting Composite C1 is spanning the globe. We now have installs in more than 150 countries and the Composite C1 Console is translated into more than 10 languages.
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Composite C1 featured on Smashing Magazine

Building tablet apps with HTML5, cloud services and Composite C1
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"A fantastic app/CMS. It has great layering so you don't need to be an expert to start... and then as you build your knowledge can switch to more complex developer's languages like C#. Combine this with MVC, Razor and you have a cutting-edge ready to use platform that is simply a joy to work with." bluemeansgo
"Tried out a few of the CMS applications here, and this seems to kill the rest of them by far! I am working my way through getting C1 Certified! " Altissimo
"It's very strong, nice code, and easy to customize and extend and very fast." likeno_another